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Customized  Cleaning Service  Springdale, AR


Priority Cleaning Service-Cleaning Done Your Way!

Our priority cleans are a customer favorite. You select and pay only for the cleaning tasks you would like us to do! We follow your detailed written list of cleaning tasks.

With Priority Cleaning Services we are all yours. Simply guide us through your specific needs or the areas/tasks to be cleaned and we'll get the job done. Our cleaning techs provide five-star service no matter the area/task you have us clean. We take the time necessary to perform a thorough cleaning and ensure your complete satisfaction.

Change up your list as often as you like and how you like. Priority cleanings are hourly cleanings. Scheduling this service is easy and flexible. You pick the frequency that works best for you on-demand and get our best-preferred rates when you schedule priority cleanings weekly, every other week, or the most popular every four weeks

There’s a reason we work hard to keep your place neat. Because we’ve been there. We know what it’s like to stare at a mountain of unending chores, pull your hair out trying to come up with a way to get grape juice out of a white carpet, and keep the dog, the kids, and your spouse from tracking dirt all over the floor you just finished mopping.

Relax. You're not alone.


We always refer to clean areas work with microfiber cloth




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